No, we do not use Bluetooth or GPS. At ZetaPulse we have developed our own algorithm that is able to measure your location accurately upto 5 meters without needing to use your precise location.

We don't have an app. Our technology is embedded in the format of an SDK and is therefore supposed to be implemented in your own app, or the app of one of your partners.

Yes you can. We offer free demo apps. It gets even better, you can chose which locations you want to test at!

No, the battery consumption is around 1%. Compared to 35% with GPS-based solutions or 15% with Bluetooth-based solutions.

You need to have a native iOS or Android app for the technology to work. However for Xamarin bindings can be made.

You have the option to manually enter locations, import locations from a .csv-file or automatically synchronise your locations via an api call.

We are GDPR compliant and position ourselves as a Processor of data. An opt-in and opt-out in your app are required for our SDK to work.

We are not able to identify a user other than via his IDFA. Meaning we refer to every person as a number. Only the app will be able to identify what person is behind the number.