Intelligence for the Offline World.

Get the 360º customer view you need. With ZetaPulse customer intelligence, you understand how your customers travel, shop and buy, even when they’re not online. With auto-sync to your existing DMP/CRM system, you’ll gain a unified for view for creating data-driven connections.

Movie Theatre

Stayed 1h 45mins at the theatre.

Clothes Store

Visited 4 different clothes stores on sunday.

Bus Stop

Waited 20 mins for bus 320.

Marketing Agility Has Never Been So Easy.

Better campaign tracking.

You’ll know when, where and how much time customers spend at your locations, even if they don’t buy. Your footfall analysis and campaign tracking data becomes more insightful than ever.

Better competitive insights.

With unlimited location tagging, you’ll not only know when customers shop at your locations, but your competitors’ as well. Your competitive intelligence and loyalty analysis now have offline data integration.

Better decision making.

Gain insights into your customers’ behavior, intentions and preferences. Real-time data integration means real-time decision making, while offline insights mean your predictive analytics yield more accuracy.

Insights Delivered.
  • Unique user identifiers
  • Location name, category 
and coordinates
  • Date and time of entry
  • Time spent
  • Auto-synced to your 
existing DMP/CRM
  • No data silos
Privacy Protected.
  • ZetaPulse only activates upon customer opt-in
  • Customer data is never stored, shared or sold by ZetaPulse
  • GDPR compliant

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