• Boosting Local Retail
  • Connecting Brands and Consumers
  • Monetize Your User Base

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Create awareness or send out coupons

when users are near your store or at a specific location

  • Our Location-Based Advertising TechnologyUNIQUE

    The principle of sending out location-based communication or advertisements is already in existence since the introduction of Bluetooth beacons. Unfortunately the beacon technology has multiple limitations one of which is the need to install physical beacon devices. There is also a need of using Bluetooth which is known to drain the battery of the consumer. Our LBA technology does not require the installation of beacons and does not communicate over bluetooth or gps. No app needs to be downloaded since our algorithm can be implemented directly in your app, making it possible to immediately target your already existing userbase.

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  • Direct Communication with People Nearby

    Our algorithm can be integrated in your app and will send out commercial push notifications when your users are nearby one of our connected local retailers or brands. When a user clicks on a push notification the coupon information page will open. All details of the coupon are listed on the detailpage as well as navigation to the point of interest and the ability to send this coupon to a friend. By analyzing big data we will only sent out coupons to users who have shown an interest in one of our advertisers.

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  • Full Control & Real-time Results

    We will grant you access to our easy-to-use tailor-made web panel to put you into full control of your campaigns. You will be able to add, manage and review the success of current campaigns. Analytics will provide you with in-depth information on how many people have passed your location, an overview of everyone that received your communication and everyone that opened the detailed promotion.

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How do we differentiate?

Discover why we are unique

Real-time Proximity Marketing

We make it possible to communicate with people as soon as they are nearby one of your point of interests.

No beacons/GPS needed

Our technology saves battery and is not dependent on the use beacons, gps or bluetooth unlike most of our competitors.

Push notifications

Communication over push notifications has much more to offer than over text, and is also less intrusive.

Easy-to-use backend

Our tailor-made backend panel makes it possible for you to create, manage and see the success of your own campaigns.

Plugin-able in your app

No need to download our app, the algorithm can easily be directly connected to your existing app.


By personalizing our coupons we make sure that we reach the right individual at the right time.

What you can do with ZetaPulse?

We will help you connect with the right individual at the right time


We can assure you that your new product or service will reach a critical mass at a specific location.


You will be able to send out your coupons the moment someone walks past your store.


By analyzing the buying behaviour of people we will be able to suggest your offer to the right individual.


Our technology and measurements can be used to improve your own traditional advertisements.


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