Know Your
Customers in
Real Life.

Your customer intelligence is only as good as your data. ZetaPulse brings your customers’ offline world into your online dataset, giving you the path-to-purchase picture your customer profiles have been missing.

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Technology Built for Building Relationships.

ZetaPulse combines innovative geolocation technology with an integrated
push-campaign platform to deliver real-time insights into your customers’ real lives.

Know Them Better.

Now you can understand how your customers travel, shop and buy, even when they’re not online. See how much time they spend at your
location — and your competitor’s.

Reach Them When It Matters.

Deliver the right message at the right time — and the right place. ZetaPulse push campaigns create personalized, and optimized, customer engagements.

Boost Their Loyalty.

With the ZetaPulse App Network, you can easily develop cross-channel customer communications targeted to those times you’re not on their
mind — but should be.

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Easy to Start.
Easy to Use.

  • Integrates into your existing Android or iOS app

  • Setup in hours, not weeks (or months)

  • Customers’ privacy protected with GDPR compliance

  • No data silos! All data auto-syncs to your existing data 
management platform or CRM system
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